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Made in U.S.A.

  book and candle
unfinished sampler
hanging herbs
blue shoes and basket
card 13
card 40
card 52
card 53

herbs in window
flowers and wool
card 88
card 97
card 99
card 114

hanging clothes
sunflowers in bowl
berries in bowls
heart stones by fireplace
card 119
card 120
card 129
card 132

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  liberty bears  
rocker and hat  
bread and bowls  
flowers in box  

  card 133
card 135
card 136
card 145



flower garden  
barrels and flag  

  card 147
card 158
card 160
card 162



  candle and jug
hanging blue denims
hanging clothes
cookie cutters

  card 163
card 174
card 175
card 176



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