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  red socks by fireplace
santa and sheep
candle and pineapple
santa and basket
books and lantern
card 108
card 109
card 111
card 124
card 125

sock and wreath on door
cookies and greens
candle and books  
santa and tree  
greens in bowl
 Made in U.S.A.
  card 140
card 141
card 142
card 143
card 153


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  santa and candle  
greens on shelves  
red christmas tree  
wagon in snow  
candle and greens in box

  card 154
card 155
card 156
card 166
card 167



  candles on mantle  
christmas tree in bowl  
fireplace in kitchen  
santa and sheep  
lantern and greens

  card 168
card 169
card 179
card 180
card 181




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